IQ Cash — Universal large-scale blockchain platform for investors, traders and miners

IQ.Cash is a decentralized platform based on blockchain technology that allows you to earn passive income. The platform is designed for anonymous, fast and secure transactions and investments. The project will be able to satisfy the interests of not only investors, but also traders and ordinary users.

This is a really cool platform, because a very small number of projects on the Internet can give such opportunities to almost every one of us. The platform has already won the trust of millions of people around the world and continues to gain momentum. In the future, the platform may well become one of the leaders in its field.

The IQ.Cash platform allows its users to earn passive income. They get this opportunity for participating in the development of the platform. In other words, we are talking about masternodes and mining. The project developers have come up with a special mechanism that allows you to get almost 300% of the annual return.

To receive passive income, the user must purchase an internal platform token. In total, you need to purchase 3001 coins (1 coin is a transaction fee) and place these funds in your wallet. The wallet can be downloaded on IOS or Android operating systems. After creating a masternode, users will be able to receive 57% of rewards, and manners 43%. The remaining percentages will be used to Finance various startups and should also help develop the platform.

IQ.Cash is here to serve most investors, miners and traders who are the main soul of this space. The team has developed and created its own masternode network for investors where investors can earn 57% passive income if they have more than 3000 IQ. All of this is also done anonymously so that no one can track your funds or data, not even the team. The second is the miners, because we all know that mining is the soul of the blockchain and cryptocurrency without mining transactions on the blockchain will not be possible and in miners recently have faced many terrible problems that cause many to leave space. , because this is no longer profitable. But with IQ.Cash is getting a lot of better miners who can now get 43% of the blocks they are mining. The remaining 6% is reseverd for DAO to invest in trade projects and also to improve platforms, ecosystems and more. All this is possible with the high standard of IQ nodes and the technology that supports it. As for traders they can trade IQ on the exchange because coins are listed on many major exchange platforms.

Provision of MasterNode (multi-exchange trading platform)
By using consensus algorithm (PoW) and MasterNode Network Support, IQ.Cash Platform users will be able to trade their IQ on various crypto currency exchanges. This feature allows the platform to be able to offer such profits to investors and miners who have this masternode.
However, to get MasterNode and get a large return as an investor, you must invest up to or more than 3,000 IQ. In addition, MasterNode Network provides high integrity, transaction privacy and high transaction speed.

-Very safe
Trust me! IQ.Cash, like other block chain-powered crypto platforms, is very safe and secure. With IQ.Cash, user accounts can never be changed or blocked by anyone or anything. No intruder can access data, funds or assets. In fact, no one else on the platform can access your data or funds except you, the owner.

With the introduction of the Private-Send algorithm into the platform structure that provides privacy or transaction anonymity, users can be sure that they can have full confidence in system security. They don’t need to worry about privacy because it’s been resolved.

This platform is not centralized, that is, there is no central body that controls user data. There is no dominant central controller on the platform members.

-Transaction Speed
One of the goals of the IQ.Cash platform is to achieve very fast transaction speeds. Speed ​​is very important! IQ.Cash provides the speed that the user wants. They ensure this through the ‘InstantSend’ (Instant Data Exchange) feature. On a platform transaction time can be as low as 5 seconds.


The following are crypto exchanges that are supported by the IQ.Cash platform or allow traders to trade IQ seamlessly at:



Bithumb Global





The maximum supply of IQ coins is 56 900,000 IQ. IQ coins that function on the IQ blockchain are listed on many exchanges and the wallet itself is also available for sending and receiving coins easily. The wallet is currently available for PC users and smart phone users through the Flits application.

-Token Information:

Algorithm: PoW, NeoScrypt (ASIC resistance)

Block time: 120 seconds

Reward per block: 25 IQ

Block Reward Distribution: 57% to Masternodes and 43% to Miners, both fetched from (Reward-6%) formula, where 6% is reserved for DAO systems

Block rewards get sliced ​​by 12% each year

Max coins: 56 900 000 IQ

Premine: 7 900 000 IQ

Mining out in: 25 years

I believe the IQ project.Cash will be able to attract a large audience, because it gives users the opportunity to earn passive income. This project is probably one of the best projects that I have reviewed this year. You can become a part of this project today and start receiving almost 300% per annum. The project’s tokens are already traded on many exchanges. You can view a list of them on the project’s main website. Here I did not hear the promises of Golden mountains when participating in the project, which many others do just to attract investors. Perhaps that is why this project remained in the shadow of upstarts and continued to work, bring their beginnings to a logical conclusion. And now, when everything works as an ideal mechanism, the team decided to declare itself as a full-fledged player in this sphere.

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