Tixl Token [MTXLT]The Fuel for
Private DeFi

Most projects wont last long but $MTXLT is here to stay. With their private DeFi platform and #AutobahnNetwork where you can send bitcoin with low fees, cheaply, and privately whats not to like. Current market cap is 5.2 MIl and uniswap listing is next month.Inspiring project many people can get benefit from this project also Project will become more successful with people support so ultimate everyone will be beneficial from this project.This project has lot of potential and full proof blueprint .. And i discovered social Reward program recently. But the fear is that those spammers … Wish they dont ruin this platform.

Why Tixl?

A number of different concepts for improving Bitcoin — and the transfer of digital assets in general — have been developed, with the goal of achieving fast and cheap transactions, or to provide privacy. The Tixl Token on the Autobahn Network provides a perfect combination of them all.

The Tixl Token

MTXLT (later TXL) is the native token of the Private DeFi Platform called the Autobahn Network. It can be transferred through the network with zero-fees, reflecting the best features of today’s cash. While the Tixl ecosystem is being developed, MTXLT already runs on Binance Chain.


The Autobahn Network employs the most sophisticated technologies to have emerged from the blockchain world over recent years to build a decentralized network, tailored for payments. The Tixl Token (MTXLT) can be transferred quickly, privately and fee-less on the Autobahn Network.


Transactions are private by default. Tixl keeps both transaction amounts and your balance hidden.


As with all transactions on the Autobahn Network, Tixl can be transferred quickly and efficiently.

Zero Fees

The Tixl Token is the only asset within the Autobahn Network that can be transferred free of charge.

No Mining

Based on an environmentally friendly consensus algorithm, Tixl takes care of our planet.


Tixl runs on the consensus algorithm of the Autobahn Network which is based on SCP (Stellar Consensus Protocol).

Quantum Secure Encryption

Tixl uses quantum secure encryption to protect transaction amounts and account balances.


Tixl project will have seen the growth in value of the token we have enjoyed recently. This not only is a result of a lot of hard work by the team, but also because more people are hearing about us. The Tixl Astronauts Club.

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